Bitcoin Price for any Point in Time

You can find bitcoin prices easily for any date in history since the beginning of trading in July of 2010.  Typically price quotes will be available for any specified date with an opening, closing, high and low price for that particular date.  However with Bitcoin pricing various traders have requirements to know the price as of a particular point in time.  This is because sites like 'lbc' or 'paxful' allow for individuals to trade with others by supplying the escrow and rating services so unknown participants can engage in transactions somewhat securely.  As a trader you can set the desired 'markup' percentage from the bitcoin price the platform is calculating.  Say for example you set you desired sales price to BTC price + 3%.  You should make 3% - fees.  When you sell the BTC the platform records the sales price and the funds are transferred directly to you buy the buyer.  What was your actual profit?  Was the price set by the platform in line with other prices.  What would be nice to know is what were other prices around that point in time so you can somewhat look at what profit you made with the 3% (or whatever) markup.

The goal of this site is to collect data from 4 widely used sources on a minute by minute basis to help traders analyze risk vs reward for trading activities.     

Historic BTC Prices?

Often trading bitcoin involves buying at one price and selling at another.  You may be a 'market maker' or just a speculator.  But one thing is for sure, if you are 'flipping' bitcoin you will eventually need to come back to this -->  'What was the market price when I sold?'.  True of stocks also?  Not so much, bitcoin is somewhat unique as with stocks the market price is already saved and available.  Your 'total gain' is one thing, but do you know the 'flip' side of the coin?  

Fault tolerant processing

Four processes are running on separate servers to automatically capture the data continuously, twenty-four hours a day.  Why?  In case any one server goes down, the others continue to operate.

Continuously Available

Data is continuously available via the API interface.

Try it now

The API endpoints are easy to use and well documented.  Give it a try.  Check out the API.


Processes monitor four different sources for bitcoin prices in real time.  


Data is saved to a database for later retrieval.


Data is requested from one of the various API endpoints.


The data is returned to the requestor, for a near real time price quote.  The quote is for the price of BTC at any particular point in time.

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